By placing our company policies online we hope to avoid any misunderstanding of them when we perform our services. Occasionally, customers will assume something is included in our service and expect us to do it at no additional charge. 

1. Moving Furniture
In any carpet cleaning estimate we give, furniture moving is not included in the price. However, we are happy to move small pieces of furniture like chairs, ottomans or rugs to a neutral area. Upon request, we will tilt larger sofas and chairs in the main TV room to clean under them at no additional charge. We clean around furniture in all other rooms unless you request it moved and for this there is an additional charge. Occasionally we are told to move all furniture. This requires a lot of additional time because we move it, clean under it and then have to “block” or “tab” each leg to prevent damage. We may not have scheduled enough time if this wasn’t pre-arranged and it will require additional charges. In some cases, we can also return the next day to return the furniture for you but this too incurs an additional charge. When we give an estimate for cleaning tile and grout, the estimate includes the price for moving furniture.

2. Black or Filtration Lines
These unsightly dark or black lines appear on carpet along some baseboards, under closet doors and curtains and along stair edges. Carpet acts as a “filter” and collects dust and soot from the air when air is moved by A/C fans. This buildup happens because most of us don’t vacuum along baseboards. To attempt to remove these lines requires special chemicals, scrubbing and rinsing and furniture moving. This is an additional service that requires additional charges. If we gave an estimate in person, this issue will be brought up by us. If our quote was over the phone, we wouldn’t know you had these lines and you probably wouldn’t know to mention them.
We still attempt to clean these lines but don’t guarantee to remove them and we can’t be held responsible for any damage to baseboards that may occur unless you pay extras for this service. 

3. Spot and Stain Removal
A “spot” is a dirty looking spot the size of a coin or a ball. A “stain” means that a colored spot won’t clean out. We always tell you what didn’t come out with our cleaning because it means it’s a stain. Some “spots” steam clean out and others require special chemicals we call “spotters” to get them out. We carry a wide variety of “spotters” to get spots out and this work is included in our estimate. Stain removal is different and requires an additional charge. One solution to removing stains is to “donut cut” it out and replace it with carpet from a closet. Carpet layers charge $75 to this. We use specialty chemicals and procedures to remove stains and charge extra for this service. This work is not guaranteed because we don’t know what was done with the stain prior to us working on it. Someone may have “set” it and the best we may do to it is lighten it.

4. Our Estimate and Charges
It is our policy to stick with the estimate we quoted you over the phone unless something was misunderstood or additional work is added to the order. Our charges are based upon answers you give when you call for an estimate. These answers include which rooms you want carpets cleaned, how dirty the carpet, tile/grout or upholstery is and the size of the rooms/house. On occasion, you may forget to mention an area you want cleaned. An example of this would be a Master bedroom bath or retreat, a hallway off of a loft or bonus area or a carpeted area between a living and family room. We write down the areas you want cleaned in our appointment scheduler and if we have your email address, a copy of it is emailed to you before we arrive. We will charge more for any additional area not discussed or if the area we quoted on is excessively dirty. Obviously, if you add additional areas not discussed, we will charge more for those areas.

If there is an oversight on our part and we didn’t write down all the rooms we gave a quote for, then we will clean the extra areas at no additional charge. Regardless of the situation, if we feel that the charges did not equal the work involved, we may state on your invoice that there will be a different higher charge the next time we clean for you. If an estimate is based on square footage (for tile for example) and the square footage we get differs from yours, we will show you the difference and discuss what to do about it before beginning work,

5. Payment For Services Rendered
Payment for services rendered are always expected upon completion of the work unless prior arrangements have been made. If you are a business, we allow a 30 day period to receive payment. We accept cash, check or credit cards unless you are moving out, in which case we only accept cash. If you issue us a check and it bounces, we expect you to call us with further payment arrangements. We also expect you to pay whatever our bank charges us for the returned check.

6. Our Guarantee and Customer Relations Procedures
We have our written guarantee and customer relations procedures posted on our website at for your consideration. On occasion, there may be an issue that isn’t covered or is difficult to resolve. Our goal is to have you recommend us to your family, friends, workmates and neighbors. To that end, it is our policy to take care of any problem or issue we may have with you without an additional charge.

7. Cleaning Chemicals
We work with cleaning chemicals every day. It makes good sense to us that the chemicals are safe to work with, to be safe around baby’s, children and pets and to be harmless to our environment. To that end, our main carpet cleaning chemicals are certified “green” and carry the label stating so. We also use plant based natural products for spotting and for odor elimination.

8. Reminders
On occasion, we may send you a text message or email stating it has been a certain amount of time (for example one year) since you last had our service. We are not trying to spam you or bother you. In most cases, you probably were asked if we could send you a reminder. In some cases, we see from our records that it has been a year and decide to let you know. If you ever decide not to be reminded, please inform us and we will comply.

9. No Shows, Lock Outs or No Water
If for whatever reason we can’t do a scheduled or confirmed job because someone failed to show up to let us in, or we can’t get in for whatever reason or the water is turned off and we can’t clean, then we reserve the right to add on a $15.00 - $25.00 fuel charge when we do the work. We are not charging you for our time or for the loss of work at that scheduled time. However, our loss of fuel makes the experience a loss of money and it is a common courtesy to offer to pay for our gasoline.

10. Our Invoices
We invoice you using an online invoicing service. The invoice will be shown to you on our tablet after it has been sent to your email address (check you junk box if it’s not in your Inbox). Payment is expected upon completion of work. After we’re paid, we mark the invoice “Paid”. It will show up as an email marked paid. If you want a paper copy you can print one out or if you’re not able you can request us to send you a paper copy in the mail. We suggest you make a Folder in your email account with our name on it and store our invoices and referral coupon in there. If you don't have an email address, we can print out an invoice before we come to do the work. Published by A. Andrews & Sons 3-16-2015

If you have any questions about these A. Andrews & Sons Company Policies, please call us at 951-805-8585 or email us


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